Input date: 11/28/2018
Validity: 5/27/2019
Long description: ASSEMBLY HALL IS BEING SOLD Within the construction site of Cevahir Group in Skopje, the assembly hall was installed in 2014 for the needs of the company, i.e. for the production of facade blocks of the buildings of Cevahir Sky City. Due to the fact that the works have been completed the hall is now for sale. The construction is an open steel hall composed of two constructive parts. The bigger hall has the following dimensions 42.9 X 15.7m, while the other has the following dimensions 18.3 X 17.2m and is 13 meters high. The covering construction of the bigger hall is a two-channel bar, while the one of the smaller hall is a one-channel bar. The distance between the main pillars is 5.9m that repeats 4 times and 6.1 m that repeats 3times. Horizontal couples at the rear middle areas have been installed for a cross stabilization of the bars. Beams (NEA 240) are installed in the big and in the small hall with a carrying capacity of 5t where 2x cranes have been installed. The assembly hall has a surface of 1100m2 made of 75 tons of steel construction with an insulation of panels with an installed electric insulation, illumination and ventilation system. 6 meter sliding doors are to be found on the both sides of the hall. The hall may be visited and seen every day from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Price: 150.000$ with a possibility to negotiate
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Collaboration area: Building
Keywords: assembly hall , property sale
Group of countries: All countries , EU , Central and Eastern Europe countries

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