Input date: 10/30/2018
Validity: 4/29/2019
Short description: AKTIVA INZENERING is a leading construction brand, the most successful company and the biggest contractor in the field of commercial and business facilities which is providing superior and high quality construction services
Long description: The company has been functioning successfully for two decades now and is a synonym for a stable and high quality performance the proof of which is the numerous satisfied investors. We have a highly qualified, renowned, educated and professional team. In the course of its functioning AKTIVA INZENERING has been successfully managing and working on a huge number of projects and acquired an overall knowledge and experience about the construction industry, investing it further in each segment of the business. Our experiences inspired us to raise the standards of the industry, proving that a quality can be obtained only with a fair price. We are a construction company that provides superior, high quality construction services and operational perfection via financial planning, direct communication and competitive prices. Our team is exceptionally experienced in making assessments, management, performance and financing different types of projects. The improvement of this comprehensive experience and knowledge guarantees that the clients get a high quality performance, fair prices and attention dedicated to their particular project. In the course of the years AKTIVA INZENERING has established relations with renowned suppliers and subcontractors in the sector and all abide to our high quality standards. Before starting every project, we use a highly developed planning system and cooperation with the client so that we can open the communication lines and establish clear directions (i.e. budget, schedule, mode of performance, etc.). In accordance with the European legislation, AKTIVA INZENERING is an internationally certified company in the construction sector. We are specialized and licensed for working on first category buildings, with an A license issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Macedonia and we have a full ISO standardization. In its work, the company applies the modern European standards and innovations for safe, quality and cost-efficient building. The activity of AKTIVA INZENERING in the construction and metal industry encompasses everything on just one place: scheming, performance, supervision and control over first category buildings. Furthermore, it works with any type of processing of metals, comprehensive engineering services, consulting, investment and commerce. We specialize in working on commercial and business facilities. - manufacture and installation of all types of steel structures; -covering, siding and sheet metal works with panel systems, profiled or plasticized sheets; - mechanical systems (heating, cooling and air conditioning- HVAC); - electrical installations and automation - manufacturing and installation of metal cable carriers and additional connecting elements; - installations for water supply and sewerage; - manufacturing of processing technological equipment for the wine industry, oil refineries, warehouses and fuels manipulation; - wielded frames, wielded constructions, machine parts, pillars, wielded steel structures- also with machine treatment, laser processing of metal parts, parts for laser wielding - complete engineering services, etc. With the objective to be successful and to enter new markets, AKTIVA Inzenering invested in the Quality Management System that includes the most highly appreciated certificates in the metal production industry: EN ISO 9001: 2015 - ЕН ISO 15085-2 CL1 EN ISO 3834-2-EN ISO 14001: 2015 EN ISO 1090 EXC-3-на ISO 18001: 2015 OHSAS.
Collaboration type: Products, production , Advisory service , Electronic materials
Collaboration area: Production of metal products
Keywords: steel structures , manufacture , water supply instalation , wielding , engineering services
Group of countries: EU , Central and Eastern Europe countries

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