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Presented the results of the second component of PACE project related to energy efficiency – EVERY SECOND COMPANY IS READY FOR SAVINGS, BUT THERE IS A LACK OF FINANCIAL MEANS AND HUMAN RESOURCES
On the meeting with the journalists in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia (on November 12, 2012) were presented the results of the second component of PACE project related to energy efficiency.  The first component indicates that enterprises in compliance with the EU legislation can substantially lower the costs required for adaptation to EU standards prior to and following EU accession. The second component demonstrates that enterprises can also gain significantly from savings through energy efficiency measures.  >>>

The Additional Protocol of Agriculture
The Additional Protocol to the Agreement on the Amendment of and Accession to the Central European Free Trade Agreement signed among Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova and Serbia on more liberalised concessions in trade of agricultural products entered into force on 13 November 2011 for Albania, Croatia and Macedonia ,on 15 December 2011 for Serbia, on 6 January 2012 for Montenegro and on 13 January 2012 for Moldova. This liberalization is vital for the CEFTA region as it seeks to benefit from the significant opportunities which exist in trade in agriculture and improve the competitiveness of the regional economy.

 The application of diagonal cumulation between Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and the EFTA States will start on 01 January 2012. As for the cumulation between Serbia, Norway and Switzerland it has already started on 01 June 2011. The diagonal cumulation is foreseen by the Free Trade Agreements that these countries have signed with the EFTA States.

Macedonian economy continues its trade liberalization in 2012 - SEVERE COMPETITION IN THE MARKETS, COMPETITIVENESS THE MOST POWERFUL “WEAPON”
In the Republic of Macedonia the average reduction of tariffs is by 2.4% - (Law on Customs Tariff for 2012, Official Gazette of RM No.183/2011).
Customs duties on more goods from January 1st, 2012 are falling from 8.9% to 6.5%. Reduction is in line with the undertaken obligations from the Protocol of Accession of the Republic of Macedonia to the World Trade Organization and is also the last cut in this regard.>>>

R E P O R T  from the FORUM OF CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE OF CEFTA REGION held in Serbian Chamber of Commerce on 9 November 2010 >>>

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