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In order to better inform the subjects of the Republic of Macedonia on the activities at the Chamber, of 02.03.1998, the magazine of the Chamber Business Information, every Thursday, is published on the Internet. The magazine publishes information on admissions and visits to the Chamber, information or attending meetings of associations and groups, information on new legislation, information from the Macedonian stock exchange, legal regulations of the EU announcement on the future activities of domestic and international; offer from foreign companies, trade fairs, tenders and notification of meetings to be held next week in the Chamber.

Business Info possibility it is accessible to people outside the Republic of Macedonia, contributing to the affirmation of the potentials of the Macedonian economy and activities of the Chamber of International and domestic.

Diplomatic missions of Republic of Macedonia may be up to date with daily developments at the Chamber through on-line edition of the Bulletin of the Chamber.




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Economic Chamber of Macedonia
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Contact: Stevo Serafimov
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