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Economic Chamber of Macedonia is committed to fully implementing the Quality Policy, which is an integral part of the overall labor policy of the institution and is based on the establishment, implementation and maintenance of market-oriented operating system and the principles of promoting quality in order fully satisfy the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008, the needs and expectations of the members and customers and position for continuous improvement of the system for quality management and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the complete operation of the institution.

The basic principles of the Quality Policy, to which the Chamber now and in the future entails, inter alia, be based on:

  • Recognition of our members and customers, domestic and foreign institutions, understanding and balancing their needs and expectations with the needs and expectations of our suppliers, employees and society, endeavoring to fully satisfy all sides;
  • Establishing our decisions on logical and intuitive analysis of the collected data, where possible the precise measurements of the characteristics of services, processes and system for quality management, which guarantee the delivery of quality service to the State and praised user, increasing their confidence in us and enhance the image of the institution;

For this purpose, a questionnaire created for the pleasure of the members and customers supplied in addition, that and would like you to contribute to working together, in terms of delivering your specific comments and suggestions for improvement, which the service of our hand, will be more effective and better quality.  Please, contact us.

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Economic Chamber of Macedonia
st. Dimitrie Chupovski, 13
1000 Skopje
Contact: Emilija Todorovska
Tel: ++ 389 2 3244047
Fax:++ 389 2 3244088

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